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Clique HR is your one-stop solution for all HR-related requirements for your business. Clique HR is a suite of software applications or modules used to manage human resources and related processes throughout the employee lifecycle. Clique consolidates numerous capacities, including benefit organisation, finance, enlisting and preparation, and execution investigation and audit, into one bundle.
Clique is essentially a human resources software that meticulously combines all the different HR processes and systems to ensure easy management and smooth functioning of different business processes. It is aimed at enhancing the performance of employees to help accomplish the business goals of the company. The application of HRMS is aimed at enhancing the performance of employees to help accomplish the business goals of the company.

Features of CLIQUE HR


Overall view of relevant information on a single screen. These may include information like employees, permission, leave, setting, documents, tasks, etc

Project manager 

Provides an overview of all the projects that are being undertaken by the company through various departments and employees along with the manager leading the project

Payroll management 

Assign work to employees as part of your workflow. 

Performance and training 

Monitoring performance of your employees helps firms to get the best out of the workforce and creates incentives for the employees to work harder. Create a modular training program for the employees and make them more productive.


Search and retaining talent in any industry will determine the future endeavors of the firm. Find the best talent from the industry with Clique HR.


Provide best amenities to your employees and keep a track for better management using Clique HR’s Benefits management.

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