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The Internet of Things is not just the future; it is the present now. It plays a major role in our lives while always being invisible. All businesses, from small vendors to large ecommerce companies, are moving towards the IOT for the benefits of its delivery when it comes to efficiency, scale, and ease of performing machine-driven action.

Sensed by intelligent sensors, IOT devices can help certain tasks in businesses that don't directly need human interference. From managing temperature in the work place according to fluctuations in outside temperature to performing robotic actions in sequence, IOT can be a game changer.

EyeT Innovations and IOT

  • We have over a decade long experience in developing IOT services covering over dozens of projects across different countries.
  • Hardware is an integral part of the IOT system with sensors acting as the first point of data collection. We offer third party hardware devices with warranty and quality assurance.
  • Your IOT service will not be a standalone project since we will connect it with your existing ERP/CRM/HMS system for easier handling and management.
  • All the data collected will be safe and secured for you to run various applications, retrieving useful information out of it.

EyeT Innovations is a one-stop solution for all your software and IT service requirements.

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