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RealValue PMS

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RealValue PMS enables you to grow and manage all your real estate portfolios efficiently. We serve as a one stop solution for all your queries about real estate management. Real estate is the best form of physical immovable wealth appreciating over time. It is a perfect investment for hedging against inflation. Having property in your investment portfolio pays you a steady income of monthly rent and gives you high capital gains taxed at lower rates. Despite all the positives, managing a real estate property is painstakingly hard. It increases with the addition of more types and more units across different locations. 


Tenant Management

In the real estate business, the biggest asset that one can have is good customers or tenants. Relationships can last for years or decades in this field of business. It is essential to prioritise all the needs of your customers and provide them with the best services at any point in time. Our property management tools help you understand your customers better and solve any issue preemptively.

  • Track Communication
  • Ease of transaction
  • Tenant information & records
  • Providing service

Collecting rent and recording the transaction is an essential task for property owners and managers. For commercial entities, rent paid has to be shown as an expenditure for auditing purposes. All the taxes paid on it can be claimed as tax refunds. Our property management tool can make the whole process swift with the digitization of records, freeing you from bookkeeping to provide better service to your tenants.

  • Keep track of all the payments made through various sources such as credit card, bank transfer or cash.
  • Keep track of late payment and send message reminders to the tenants.
  • Calculate revenue and expenditure or the taxes incurred for auditing.
Employee Management

Employees can function better if tasks are assigned to them early and authorised personnel monitor them. It will ensure prompt service for the tenants without any delay. Many times important issues such as water, sanitation, or power get ignored, and tenants have to suffer due to this negligence.

  • Assign specific tasks to your employees, ranging from collecting rent to security or plumbing.
  • Plan your employee allotment well to maximize the productivity of your human resources.
  • Outsource tasks that require specific know-how or are viable financially to do in the house.

Properties of any capacity, use or type require maintenance. Units that are not currently in use can also require maintenance once in a while, like cleaning or dusting. Our property management tool simplifies the whole process of maintenance in your property.

  • Schedule cleaning of premises using the portal
  • Conduct regular check-up of the property 
  • Assign duty to employees or outsource

RealValue PMS helps you automate the whole process and apply the best accounting procedures throughout the portfolio.

  • Manage Fees 
  • Managing your Budget  
  • Tax Compliance
Tax Compliance

A digital dashboard shows all the information that one requires on a single screen. This display of accumulated data helps property owners and managers to make better decisions when serving their clients and tenants. As your ownership or management of added unit scales, our dashboard simplifies the maintenance of all the information. The information displayed on the dashboard includes

  • Information about client/tenant 
  • payment  of rent/dues  
  • Occupancy of various units 
  • Service requirement raised by the client

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